To encourage people to use the Green Deal, the government is offering cashback, which could add up to more than £1,000

to a limited number of householders who take up the Green Deal early on. Cashback is available on a range of energy-efficient measures from double glazing to solid wall insulation. The more you install, the more money you can claim.

In total, packages could add up to over £1,000 but the amount you can get is capped at 50% of your contribution towards costs. This is because some households will get a significant subsidy to install their energy-efficient measures, mainly through a scheme called the Energy Company Obligation (Eco).

Details of Eco haven’t been finalised, but it’s likely it’ll provide extra help to people and properties that cannot achieve financial savings without an additional or different measure of support – for example the poorest and most vulnerable consumers and hard-to-treat properties. Green Deal cashback is capped to avoid over-rewarding these people.

Also, the amounts are only guaranteed for the first £40 million of government funding so it’s available on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information on this article call the Greater Manchester Energy Advice Service on 0161 278 0272

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